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At St Margaret Mary's Infants, Music is embedded into all aspects of school life and our aim is to inspire children to adopt a lifelong love of music. We intend that our children will develop knowledge, skills and enjoyment of all aspects of the music curriculum which will prepare them well for the next stage in their learning. 



Music is taught in weekly lessons following the Charanga Musical School scheme of work. This is an engaging and exciting scheme which supports National Curriculum requirements. The scheme provides children with practical, exploratory and child-led approaches to musical learning. Each year group follow a series of topics, linked closely to complement other curriculum areas in a fun and exciting way. The Charanga scheme of work allows us to encourage the development of musical skills through listening and appraising, comparing of genre, creating and exploring and performing.

Charanga is supplemented by other music lessons which ensure a full and complete coverage of the national curriculum.

In Key Stage one, the children also take part in the 'Archdiocese Singing Programme.' Weekly lessons, led by an experienced music teacher and choir master, follow the national curriculum and engage the children in singing modern and traditional songs from a range of genres and cultures. They deepen their knowledge of tempo, timbre and musical dynamics. The children are invited to take part in performances and regional choirs. 

During assemblies and school services, music plays an important role in encouraging the children to celebrate, share success and gather together as a school family.


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Music Overview

Please follow the link below to find out how our children continue to build their knowledge and skills in music, as they continue their learning in our junior school.


St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School: Music (


Our aim is for children to be given the opportunity to gain an appreciation and understanding of the many benefits that music can offer. We aspire to give children the confidence to perform, create and explore, using music to express their feelings and create a positive and fun learning environment.