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Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future 

-Michael Palin  




At St Margaret Mary's Infant School we are all Geographers! Our Geography curriculum is delivered through an engaging, creative approach of Topic based learning through the Catholic lens (Laudato Si'). We aspire to create meaningful opportunities for the children to develop their understanding of our world. We believe in supporting children to develop their cultural, social, moral and spiritual awareness.  In St. Margaret Mary’s Infants we aim to inspire curiosity and a sense of responsibility for the world and its people that will remain with the children for the rest of their lives.



In St. Margaret Mary’s Infants(Key Stage 1), Geography is delivered through Topic based learning, based on the Learning Without Limits framework.  The scheme of work allows children to learn and progress their knowledge and skills in a variety of units whilst ensuring National Curriculum objectives are fully met. To ensure planning for progression, specific units within the scheme are designated to Year One and Year Two.

In Early Years, we use a holistic approach where Geography is taught through explorative play based learning augmented by teaching specific geographical aspects throughout the year. 


Through our high quality Geography lessons, the children use their mapping and enquiry skills to help them develop a sense of space, place and scale of the world and our environments. The children begin to learn how interconnections between humans and the natural world. By the end of Key Stage 1, the children understand how we can start to make positive changes to create a more sustainable way of living. 


Children are beginning to become confident geographers with an increasing knowledge of their local surroundings. The children are gaining many first hand experiences and are developing their knowledge of their locality and the wider world. The children have opportunities to use observational skills in a wide variety of simple fieldwork activities. 


Please follow the link below to find out how our children continue to make progress in their knowledge of geography in our junior school. 

St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School: Geography (