St Margaret Mary's Catholic Infant School

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On this page you will find our school risk assessments, information about symptoms and what to do, as well as links to any letters which have been sent to parents.


  • Please be prompt but not early, when you are collecting or dropping off your children to school.
  • Please maintain social distancing on the school site.
  • Please do not linger on the school site, but leave as soon as you have collected your children.
  • Please read the latest advice from the local authority and the latest risk assessment. (Links to these documents are below). 



Schools COVID Guidance letter.pdf

Managing Respiratory Infections (Inc Covid-19) (005).docx

School Outbreak Management Plan - Updated 11.01.2022


Well Being Guidance and Information for Parents

CAMHs Covid reource pack for parents



This additional money has been given to schools to support children in 'catching up' following the national lockdown and partial closure of school in the Spring and Summer of 2020.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up funding plan