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“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”

Theodore Roosevelt




Our History curriculum is delivered through an engaging, creative approach of topic based learning through the Catholic lens, supporting children to develop their cultural, social, moral and spiritual awareness. We aspire to create meaningful opportunities for the children to develop their knowledge and understanding of British history, that of the wider world and inspire their curiosity about the past, both within and beyond their living memory.  


In St. Margaret Mary’s Infant’s, History is delivered through topic based learning, based on the Learning Without Limits framework. Each unit is framed within a question about the past. The scheme of work allows children to learn to think and work like Historians and develop their knowledge and skills in a variety of units whilst ensuring National Curriculum objectives are fully met. To ensure planning for progression, specific units within the scheme are designated to Year One and Year Two with some additional discrete History lessons, such as Remembrance Day.

In Early Years, we use a holistic approach where History is taught through explorative play based learning, augmented by teaching historical aspects throughout the year. 

Children are taught to;

  • Ask questions about their learning
  • Begin to think critically about their learning
  • Consider historical evidence and begin to think about its validity
  • Think about different point of views
  • Think about their point of view



Children are beginning to become confident historians with an increasing understanding of their own identity which will be informed by;

  • Knowledge and understanding of events and people in the past (nationally and internationally)
  • Knowledge and understanding of historical investigation and interpretation
  • A deeper understanding of the complexity of people’s lives and how they have been motivated and challenged; failed and succeeded
  • An appreciation of change over time ( both short and long term) and chronology
  • A developing understanding of diversity within societies


Please see our progression map, to find out more about how children progress in their learning from Nursery through to Year 2.

History Progression Map 

History Long Term Overview

Please follow the link below to find out, how our children continue to progress through their knowledge of history in the junior school. 

St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School: History (