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British Values

British values and Christian values are at the heart of all we do. Each day, we strive to uphold the core values of the country in which we live;

  • democracy through electing and supporting our school council. Our school council works others locally and has an annual visit to the Houses of Parliament. We host other school councils annually during 'Anti-bullying' week. Our school council meet with school governors, as their adult counter-parts, termly and prepare reports to be shared at governors meetings.
  • the rule of law through our simple and easy to understand system of rules. (Be kind. Be polite. Listen careful. Always try to do your best. Set a good example.) Rules are followed and children are treated fairly and respectfully. Children learn about making good choices and how to resolve disagreements fairly and peacefully.
  • individual liberty through our Year 2 involvement in the annual service at the Cenotaph in Liverpool. The children learn from local veterans how our country strives to uphold our freedom as well as those from other countries.
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith through our 'Come and See' religious education programme. We are a proud of our multi-cultural school and encourage the children to learn from each other and celebrate our similarities and our differences.  

(Please see our photo gallery to see our children joining in the Remembrance Day service at the Liverpool Cenotaph.)




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