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Real Life Maths

Everyday we have a maths lesson in school but we use maths in other lessons too and during our day

Can you think how you used maths today? 

If you look around school, see if you can spot the posters to find out how the teachers have used maths.

Here are just a few ways we have used maths in some other lessons. 

Year 2 have used maths in Science for data handling when learning about animals and their habitats. They have used maths in design lessons by measuring using rulers to create different models.

Year 1 have used maths in history using dates when  they have learned about the order of historical events and the life of a significant historical figure Neil Armstrong. 

Year 1 used maths in Science when planting a bean seed. They measured the amount of compost needed to plant the seed and measured how many ml of water the bean seed would need. The pots were then taken home to be looked after with water and sunlight so they can grow to reach the Giant's castle. How many cm tall will your bean plant grow?


NatWest Bank came to talk to the children all about 'Money Sense'.

First we talked about what money was and how we use it. We learnt that there were 3 ways to - spending, saving and donating to charity. 

Then we discussed the difference between thing we 'need' to have such as water, food, clothing and shelter and compared that to things that we 'want' such as treats, holidays and entertainment. The children were really good at identifying the difference between them. 

Finally we looked at how a family spends money each month such as on heating, food, clothing, rent, going out on trips, treats and the internet. Some children were really surprised that the internet cost money! We then completed an activity to see how much money it would cost to look after a pet. The children had great ideas thinking about what a pet needs - a lead, a kennel, food, treatment from a vet, toys - and how much each item might cost. It really got them thinking. 

The children also got a goodie bag to take away. We hope your child talked to you about the session and maybe you could take them on a trip to the bank, count all their money in their piggy bank and have some fun playing shopping or banking using coins. 

NatWest were really impressed with all our children for being so clever and said a big thank you for being so good. 



We had a KS1 careers week whereby we invited parents in to talk about how they use maths in their jobs.

The children really enjoyed talking to the dads and mums and realised the importance of maths in everyday life. We learnt all about how accountants, nurses, taxi drivers, online businesses, builders and office workers use maths day to day. A big thank you to all the parents who gave up their time and talked to the children. It helped the children to give some context to why they learn maths in school and its importance.

EYFS have also learned about maths in jobs too as part of their 'People who Help Us'  topic. They invited the Emergency Services in to talk about and share how they use maths everyday.