St Margaret Mary's Catholic Infant School

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Anti Bullying

Every child should feel happy and confident in school. From the earliest days in school, the children learn how to be friends and take care of each other. They learn that it is never okay for any person to hurt your body or your feelings. The children are encouraged to use gentle hands, gentle feet and kind words.


Each year, the children in school take part in anti-bullying week. During this week, they learn more about being good friends together. They learn what bullying is and what they should do to stop it, using the acronym STOP.

Bullying is Several Times On Purpose.

To stop bullying they should Start Telling Other People.


If you are concerned that a child in our school may be being bullied, please contact the school immediately and ask for Mrs Maddocks, Deputy Head Teacher, or Mrs Byrne, the Head Teacher.


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