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Week Beginning 8th JuNE

Hello Year Two and welcome back to your home learning.  We hope that you have all had a lovely break. Lots of us had holidays booked that we couldn't go on but the weather was so warm it was just like being in a hot country!


Look at the daily videos from the White Rose Maths website https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/resources/year-2/ 

We are up to week 7 already.  Each day from Monday to Thursday there is a new video and the worksheets for each day are below. On Friday there is a maths challenge.  If you complete the challenge, email your teacher so that they can celebrate with you.


History and Geography:

We are going to be looking at explorers of the world.  We are going to begin with Pirates.  But first, I want you to think about what you already know about them.  You need to make a mind map like we do in school.

On a blank piece of paper write the word Pirates in the middle. 

Now, write or draw, a list of what you already know.  try to include:

Who they were

What they wore

Where they lived

What they did

How they travelled

Do you know any piratical words?


What else can you come up with?  Have you managed to fill up the whole page?

Do you know any stories or films with pirates in?  Have you got any piratical books? Maybe you could make a little display with them.



Today, 8th June, is World Oceans Day. Can you remember the oceans song we learned in the autumn term? The Oceans Song

Read all about it below.

How can you reduce the amount of plastic that you use at home?

Make a poster about recycling or life in the ocean and the danger of plastics.

Can you find out more about this?

Can you write an acrostic poem for World Ocean Day.

Each new line of the poem should begin with a letter from the words World Ocean Day.

Design and Technology:

Make a model using recycled materials.  


Here is a short film about oceans and how they are affected by rubbish.


 This website has lots of resources about our oceans, water and how we can learn to look after our planet. Click on 'dive into resources' then select your age range.


Listen to this story by Sarah Roberts Somebody Swallowed Stanley


Can you write a fact file about what you have found out today?