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Week Beginning 15th June


Hello Year 2.  We hope that you  are all well and being super stars.  We have got lots of activities for you this week all about pirates. It will be a bit different this week as all of the work has been uploaded at once instead of daily so be sure to spread the work out over the week.

Keep checking back for more messages.

Here are some photographs of Leo from Class 2 and the fabulous work that he did last week for World Ocean Day.


That is amazing work Leo, well done. You have given us much to think about there. 

Come and See:



Maths this week is properties of shape.  Here are the White Rose Maths activities.

Monday's video

Tuesday's video

Wednesday's video

Thursday's video


Here is a booklet as an alternative to White Rose or in addition to. You might have had it in your pack from school in March.  What can you remember?  What progress have you made?


If you can't print activities, take a look at this knowledge organiser.

Can you find any items in your home that are 3D shapes?

Count the edges, faces, vertices.

What shape are the faces?  Are they all the same shape?

Draw around the faces of a 3 D shape.  Their faces are made up of 2D shapes. What 2D shapes have you drawn? 

If you have some paint and different toy blocks, try painting a repeating pattern of different 2D shapes.

How many different shapes can you put into your pattern.

Can you find lines of symmetry around you?


Try to learn these spellings this week.












What do you notice about them?

They all have the suffix less or ful.

I noticed that I could sometimes swap the suffixes to make a new word.   Harmful became harmless. These words are opposites or homonyms.

Can we do this with all of the words on the list?

What do all of these words mean- what is their definition?

Write a sentence for each word.

Have a competition at home.  Who can put the words into the best sentence?



This week in school, we would have been reading The Pirates Next Door by Johnny Duddle Click on the link to listen to the story.

You will recognise the following activities as they are the type of reading activities we did in class for Vlad and the Great Fire Of London and Lily and the Snowman.

It begins by looking at some vocabulary and what the words mean- their definition


Remember, these are the activities for the whole week


Activity 1:


Remember in school we looked at different types of sentence?

We tried to include amazing adjectives and conjunctions such as: and, but, so , because, or, when, if, that.

Look at the picture of the front cover of the book:

Can you write

5 statement sentences

The black and white dog is standing at the front of the unusual car because there is no room for on the seats.

5 question sentences

Where are all of the pirates going to?

5 command sentences

Be careful waving that sword around.


Activity 2:

Complete the pirate word search then put each word into a sentence. There is an easier one, a harder one and a tricky one.

Activity 3:

Write a wanted poster for a pirate. Use the one here or make your own.


What he or she looks like.

What kind of a character they are.

Why they are wanted.

If you made your own wanted poster, stain it  with a cold tea bag to make it look very old and put it up in your house.


Activities 4 and 5:

Imagine that you are a pirate.  Write about what you would do.  Call your piece of writing...

If I were a pirate!

Try to use as many piratical words as you can.  Use the words from the story, the word search and your History work to help you. 

We would love to read some your work.  Don't forget your pirate name too!

Plan your work like we do in school so on day 4, draw a picture of your pirate self and label it. Think about what you will be like and write some ideas around your picture.  Jot down some perfectly piratical words that you will include.

On day 5, complete your writing.  Afterwards, don't forget to read through your work and check your spellings and punctuation.


Find out about the life of a pirate.  Make a poster, a fact file, a painting/drawing or a model for example, to show what you have learned.

When was the golden age of piracy and when did it end?

Are there any famous pirates?

Were all pirates men?

What clothes did pirates wear?

How did pirates live?

Who was in the crew?

What was the pirate code?


How do people know how to get around the world? 

We use something called a compass.


Some phones and tablets have a compass app to download so ask a grown up if they can help you to use one if possible. You might have a real one in your house.

If you have chalk, you could go outside and use a compass to find North, South, East and West.  Use the chalk to draw the compass directions on the ground. 

Which direction does your house face?

What can you see if you look from each compass point?

Use compass points to write some directions to go from one room to another.


Click on the link to follow the artist and  draw a pirate ship

It is quite tricky so watch what she does for each part and practise first on a scrap of paper.  Don't worry if you don't get it right first time, just practise, practise, practise!  I think it would be a good idea to use a pencil instead of a black marker.  We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Once you have mastered that pirate ship, why not have a try at a different version draw a pirate ship



Pirates sailed on their pirate ships for months at a time.  There were no televisions, tablets or games consoles. They had to make their own fun so they used to sing songs. Sometimes they sang as they worked too.  Here are some pirate songs to learn. They weren't songs that pirates actually sang but you might have fun singing along and learning them.

I'm a pirate

When I was one I sucked my thumb

skull and crossbones


  Here is a fun game to play. Get all of the family in your house involved. You will need one person to be the leader and call out the actions for everyone else to follow.


At school, we like to end the day with a story. This is a lovely chance to calm down after a busy day as well as  to extend our vocabulary and share different experiences.

Here you can find beautiful stories to enjoy  https://literacycounts.co.uk/parents/storytime-counts/

These stories are also accompanied by a wealth of fun activities to do at home if you wish.  You can download your FREE Story Time Counts: Book Based Learning resource for each of the stories and share with us some of the fantastic activities that you do.  There are activities here that can be used from EYFS all the way through to Year 6.


We hope that you enjoy your learning this week Year 2.  By the end of the week you will be well on your way to being pirate experts. You will have your own pirate name and will be able to talk like a pirate too.

Remember to keep emailing your teacher to let them know how you are doing and to share your work. Even if you have not managed to do all or even any of it, we still love to hear from you. If you have not received an email from your teacher, please call the office as we may not have your correct email address. 


Love from all of your Year 2 grown-ups xx