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Thursday 14th Jan


Good morning Year 2.  Are you wide awake and ready to begin? You are all doing an amazing job so far.

Phonics -  Follow the lesson below

Or SPAG- For children working confidently at phase 5

 Revise adding suffix er or est to root words ending in y


At the beginning of the story of The Three Billy Goats Fluff, the Troll was upset with all the noise but in the end he was pleased with his gifts. Think of some questions you could ask the Troll about how he was feeling throughout the story.

If you are writing sentences remember to use capital letters and question marks in this work. 


Today we will be looking at a new symbol we use in Maths. This symbol is the x symbol. Have a look at this website from BBC bitesize the video will help us to understand the x symbol better.


When making groups I used 8 counters and made 4 equal groups with 2 in each group. 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8

I counted in 2s to find the answer quickly. This repeated addition sentence is the same as 4 lots of 2. We can write this using the multiplication symbol (x) as 4 x 2 = 8.

Think about how is 6 + 6 + 6 the same as 3 × 6? How is it different?

Using the x symbol is very similar to adding the groups together like we did in yesterday's lesson.

Watch this video for help with the activity below. Multiplication using the x symbol

Can you make equal groups with 12 objects? Write the repeated addition sentence for your objects. Have a try at writing the multiplication sentence to

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Within English we have started to learn about the Billy Goats Gruff. Today, you will be able to make a stage with a landscape drawing. A landscape drawing is a drawing of a place in the world. You will also create a puppet set to perform the Billy goats Gruff to your Family. Before you start you will need to ask an adult for help to cut out parts for you.


You will need:

  • A cardboard box preferably a cereal box.
  • 4 Straws or lolly sticks
  • 2-3 sheets of paper.
  • Glue or cello tape
  • Something to colour your art with. For example, paints, felt tips, crayons etc.

Optional items: cotton wall balls and coloured paper.




  1. First, you will need an adult to cut out one of the large sides of your box to create the backdrop for your stage. Then, ask an adult to use your left-over cardboard to cut two large right-angled triangles.
  2. Next, take one of your sheets of paper and draw a bridge. You may want to draw your bridge further back to draw a river underneath it. Perhaps you can draw the sky, there may even be some clouds, birds or the sun in your sky. You could also draw some trees.
  3. Once you have drawn you background, you can start to colour it in using felt tips, paints, crayons or if you wish to, you may make it into a collage.
  4. Then, take your background and stick it to the large piece of cardboard from earlier using glue or cello tape. Then ask an adult to help you take your two triangles and fold the ends to create small tabs. Once you have done this, use glue or cello tape to stick the two triangles to the back of your background to help it stand up.
  5. On one of your leftover pieces of paper you will need to draw a small billy goat, a medium billy goat, a large billy goat and a troll.
  6. Once you have drawn them ask an adult to cut them out for you. You can then colour them in using felt tips, paints, or crayons. You may even want to use cotton wool, pieces of paper or other items instead to make your characters stand out more.
  7. Now, take your four straws and stick one straw onto the back of each of your characters using cello tape.
  8. Finally, you can perform the Billy Goats Gruff to your family. 


Now you have created your own puppets and stage, you may want to change the story or create extra characters to include into your own story.

Well done everyone, great work today!  Enjoy the rest of your day. Can you think of something kind and helpful that you could do for someone?

See you tomorrow xx