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Friday 15th Jan.

Happy Friday everyone!  What a busy week it has been.  Well done and thank you for all of your hard work.  I'm sure you have all made super progress this week.  Can you think of something new that you have learned or something that you have got better at?

Maybe you could make a certificate for yourself or someone in your house for their effort and hard work this week. 



How did you get on with your spellings this week?  Ask someone to test you- good luck!

List 1:  by   my  here   there   where   love come   some

List 2:  door  floor  poor  because  find  kind  mind  behind


Think about the two stories we have looked at this week. Get a piece of paper and fold in half. Write Same on the top of one half and Different on the top of other half of the paper. Make a list of the things in the stories that are the same and different.
Which story did you like best and why? As a challenge can you write a sentence to explain your thoughts? eg: I liked the story of the Three Billy Goats Fluff because the Troll made new friends. 


Today we will be looking at pictures and make multiplication number sentences from them. We also need to be able to read a maths problem using words and solve this. 


For example: 


There are four baskets.
There are three dolls in each basket.
How many dolls are there altogether?

Draw an image and write a number sentence to show the problem.


Use this video to help us with our work. Multiplication sentences using pictures

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These are the images f the worksheets if you can't download them.  Talk about your answers or jot them down on a piece of paper.



Today's musical terms are:


Timbre (pronounced Tarmbra) is how an instrument sounds. So, a triangle sounds metallic and high pitched. However, a drum may sound low and wooden.


Dynamics is the volume of music. It is how loud or quietly an instrument is played.


Is the pattern you may play on an instrument.

You might play a rhythm which sounds like someone walking. That may go (Tip to adults clap the syllables as you would say them):

TAP        TAP        TAP        TAP

Or you may wish to play a rhythm that is like a horse galloping. That may go (Tip to parents clap the syllables as you would say them):

TAP        TI-PPI-TY – TAP                  TI-PPI-TY – TAP                  TI-PPI-TY – TAP                  TI-PPI-TY



Within English we have looked at the three billy goats gruff. Today, we are going to look at how anything can be a percussion instrument. A percussion instrument is anything that you can hit; this can be with a stick or your hands.

Close your eyes and imagine the Billy Goats crossing the bridge. How do you think the goat’s hooves sounded crossing the bridge? What was timbre do you think? Did they sound soft like a pillow being hit or did they sound hard like a cooking pan being hit? Can you find something with an adult's help that may sound like the goat's hooves?

Now you have your musical instrument, what should the dynamics of the first goat's hooves be? Are they going to be loud or quiet? Why do you think this?

Do you think the dynamics will change as the goats get bigger? Why do you think this?

Now, what rhythm would the goats make as they crossed the bridge? Would they walk simply and steadily like a human Making a TAP TAP TAP TAP rhythm?

Or would they walk quickly and more like a horse making a  TAP                 TI-PPI-TY – TAP                  TI-PPI-TY – TAP                 TI-PPI-TY – TAP                  TI-PPI-TY rhythm?  Can you play it on your instrument?

Before you continue maybe you can find another instrument for the troll with an adults help and create a rhythm for the troll.

An important skill to be a musician is to listen to what is happening and to think about when it is your turn to play. Today you will be a folio musician. A folio musician adds sound to TV and to films.


Whilst watching the video of The Three Billy Goats Gruff if you hear the narrator (the person reading the story) say trotted or skipped you have to play your rhythm for 2 seconds. Remember to use dynamics to show the different sized goats. If you have an instrument and rhythm for the troll, play your rhythm for 2 seconds every time you hear the word troll.


In our home learning we are using more technology to help us with our school work. Read this story with a grown up. It follows the adventures of Smartie the Penguin, as he learns how to be safe on the internet.

We must remember to use technology safely, respectfully and keep personal information private. You must always tell a grown up, if you are unsure or feel worried by something on the internet or other online technologies, so that they can help.

Thank you for working so hard this week Year 2, you have been fantastic.  We are looking forward to using our new Seesaw App next week and being in contact with you all again.

Thank you to all of the grown ups at home too. Your support means so much to us and we really appreciate how difficult it can be to run a busy household, work from home and home school your children.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone. We will see you on SeeSaw next week xx