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Wednesday 4th November

Happy Wednesday everyone! How did you enjoy the work yesterday? Did you manage to find different ways of making 8 and use the ten frames, part-part whole model and number sentences? I hope you were able to have a go at drawing your own version of David Hockney’s autumnal scene.

I hope you enjoy today's work and don't forget to show me how you have got on! 


Letters and Sounds

Have a look at the different word mats.

Today in letters and sounds we are going to use our different phase Sound Mats. Your job is to go on a treasure hunt (with your adult's permission).  Choose 10 sounds from across the phases and then see if you can find an object that has that sound in.  Make sure you find things that are not easy to break.  I had a go and I found...











How many objects can you find?  Take care when moving around the house.



How did you get on with your dictated sentences yesterday? I hope you remembered to use punctuation because this work will help with your writing today.

Today we are going to look at a picture from the story ‘Room on the Broom’. What is happening in this picture? Who is in the image? What are each of the characters doing? Maybe you could even describe what they look like. Can you write some sentences about the picture? You can choose your chilli to challenge yourself. Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


Today we are going to be looking at counting on. We are going to be starting on a number and then count on using a number line to get to our answer. Today you will need 10 pennies and a number track (You can use the one in the image underneath or draw your own on a sheet of paper).


Have a look at the picture below. There are 4 pennies in a bag and I add two more. How many pennies do I have now? Can you try this?

Can you use the number track to show how we can count on? There are 4 pennies to begin so we start at the number 4. We are adding two pennies so we are going to count on 2 more. There are 6 pennies.


Can you have a go at some of the questions below? Remember to use the number track to practise counting on. You can also use the pennies to help. Can you think of a sentence to answer the question? Don’t forget to explain to your grown up how you worked out the answer.

Come and See

We are going to continue our topic of Belonging and the Sacrament of Baptism. Today we are going to look at the role of the parents and godparents.

Have a look at the image of the Baptism that you drew on Monday and the image below. Can you work out who the different people are in the picture?

As well as the priest, we can see that the other grown-ups standing around the font are the parents and godparents of the child being baptised.

Why do you think they are an important part of the Sacrament of Baptism?

The role of parents and godparents is to help the children to follow Jesus and belong to the Church family. You are usually very young when you are baptised so the role of the parents and godparents is to make a promise that they will help their child to live in God’s way. The priest asks the parents if they will help and asks the godparents if they will help the child’s parents to do this.


Have a think about these questions and discuss them with your grown-up.

Why do parents choose to have their child baptised?

Why are there often lots of people in the church when a child is baptised?

How do parents and godparents help the child?



Well done for working hard so far this week. Why not treat yourself this afternoon and watch the BBC adaptation of 'Room on the Broom'.  Can you notice any things that have been added or are different from the book?


You can find it on the BBC iPlayer on some televisions or Click here for the film.


From Mr Nolan