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Wednesday 21st October

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!  How did you get on with your home learning yesterday?  Thank you for the emails which showed the work that you completed.  If you haven't yet sent an email to your teacher, try to send one today, please.  

Did you do the acting from the story yesterday?  Was it easy for your adult to guess which part of the story you were acting out?  How about finding the ways to make 9?  Could you help the dragon to choose his ribbon carefully?  How did you get on with the number sentence search?  


Today there is limited access to the Phonics Play website, but have a visit and see which of your favourite games you can still play.  For your lesson today, please have another good look at the Phase 4 sound mat.  

Today we will think about the digraphs (two letters to make one sound) that some words end with.  Ask your adult to read out the following words for you to try and write down.  You can use magnetic or foam letters instead of writing them down if you want.










Now try to write these sentences: I can see a man with  a belt on.  The tent had room for three to sleep.  I had a wet hand.  The sheep sat at the desk.


Today we are going to think about the witch from 'Room on the Broom'.  When you listen to the story today, think carefully about the witch.  What does she look like?  How does she behave?  Is she kind or is she mean?

You have now listened to three different versions of the story.  Which one is your favourite?

For your writing task today, please think about the witch and try to write some sentences that describe her.  Please remember to use a capital letter to start your sentence, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.  Julia Donaldson describes what the witch looks like on the first page to help you but there are other things you could write about too.

Here are some words to help you:

  • skirt
  • wand
  • star
  • boots
  • plait


We are still thinking about the witch in our maths lesson today.  How did you get on with finding ways to make 9 yesterday?  Did you write them down systematically?  Today the witch has a bit of a problem that she needs some help with.  If you can't print out the sheet, you could just draw the answers on a piece of paper.

Come and See

Have a look at the image below from the Archdiocese.

  • Make a congratulations card for a newly baptised child. Use suitable symbols that are used at Baptism. Talk about why they have chosen the symbols and what they represent.


Now, as a treat for working hard so far this week, watch the BBC adaptation of 'Room on the Broom'.  You can find it on the BBC iPlayer on some televisions or Click here for the film.


Have a great day, send an email about how you are getting on and enjoy that film!


Mr Barr X