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Tuesday 3rd November

Good morning and Happy Tuesday everyone!


I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning and are ready for another day of activities. How did you get on with matching the different number sentences? Were you able to remember and label the different parts of a Baptism?


Letters and Sounds

Have a go at Obb and Bob on PhonicsPlay. Remember to choose Phase 4. In a similar way to Dragons Den, the aim is to sound out and blend each of the words and work out if they are real words or alien (made up) words.




Have a look at the phase 4 Sound Mat below.

Today we will be looking at the digraphs (two letters to make one sound) that some words end with.  Ask your adult to read out the following words for you to try and write down.  You can use magnetic or foam letters instead of writing them down if you have them.










Today we are going to look at practicing our sentence writing with ideas about the story ‘Room on the Broom’. If you have a copy of the story maybe you could read it together with your grown up. You can also listen to the story again from the video clip.

Ask your adult to read out each of the sentences one at a time. Can you write down the sentence using the correct punctuation? Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

The dog got the big black hat.

A bird had a bow in her beak.

The frog is full of mud from the pond.

My cat sat at the back of the broom.



In Maths we are going to continue to look at adding two numbers together using our knowledge of number bonds.

Look at the image below.

If there are 5 red cars and 4 yellow cars, how many are there altogether? Can you show this on the ten frames? Are there any other ways that we can represent this? You could use yellow and red crayons or felt tips if you have them.

This number problem can be represented in different ways. We can use ten frames, a part-part-whole model or by writing the number sentence.

Have a look at the worksheet below. Can you find different ways to make a total of 8 using the different representations?


For art in Year One, we spend time looking at the work of the artist David Hockney.  He is a British artist who was born in Bradford.  He did some paintings of trees during the different seasons.  In his autumn painting, the leaves on the trees had changed colour and were starting to fall.  The trees in many gardens and parks are dropping their leaves. Have you got a lot of leaves in your garden?  Have a look at the Hockney painting.

Talk with your adult about the painting.  What do you notice about it?  Do you like it?  What do you like about it?  Would you change anything about the painting?  Why? 

We have three trees in school that we use to make our own versions of this painting.  Have a look at the photograph of those trees and see if you can draw them. 

Thank you to those who have emailed their lovely hard work so far. Please send any work that you would like to share. Have a great day, everyone.


Love from Mr Nolan