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Tuesday 20th October

Good morning!  How did you enjoy the work yesterday?  Did you enjoy the 'Room on the Broom' story?  How did you get on with finding the different ways to make 8p?  Did you use a systematic approach?  

Here is your new learning for today.


Today is the last day of full free access to the Phonics Play website.  Today visit the site and have fun playing on your favourite games.  Try to use the Phase 4 section of the website.  


For the first few days of a new story in school we often spend time trying to explore the story without writing anything down.  Today is similar.  Watch this YouTube version of 'Room on the Broom'.

Did you enjoy that?  This is a lovely version of the story and is read very well.  How well do you think that you know the story?  If you need to listen to it again, please do, but if you feel confident have a go at acting out a part of the story to see if someone in your house can guess which part of the story you are presenting.  You can do this for other parts of the story too.  Have lots of fun.  Why not send a video of your acting via email to see if I can guess which part you are acting out?


Have you got any energy left after all of that acting?  I hope so because you have a bit of counting and exercise to do next with Jack Hartmann.

After all of your hard work finding the pairs of numbers that make 8, today we are going to explore the pairs of numbers that add together to make 9.  In total there are ten different ways to make the number 9.  Have a look at this word problem.  Can you help the dragon to find the different lengths of ribbon he needs to say sorry to the witch?

The dog, the bird and the cat have all tried to help but are they correct?  Talk about this with your adult.  See if you can explain your ideas using the word 'because'.  

Once you have found the different ways, have a try at this facts for 9 search.


For art in Year One, we spend time looking at the work of the artist David Hockney.  He is a British artist who was born in Bradford.  He did some paintings of trees during the different seasons.  In his autumn painting, the leaves on the trees had changed colour and were starting to fall.  The trees in the gardens by my house have started to drop their leaves, have you got a lot of leaves in your garden?  Have a look at the Hockney painting.


Talk with your adult about the painting.  What do you notice about it?  Do you like it?  What do you like about it?  Would you change anything about the painting?  Why?  

We have three trees in school that we use to make our own versions of this painting.  Have a look at the photograph of those trees and see if you can draw them.  

Come and See

Yesterday you found out about Baptism.  Today we will think about the end of the Baptism,

At the end of the Baptism everyone says the family prayer of the Church, the ‘Our Father’. This is a sign that the child belongs of the family of the Church. The priest blesses the mother and father and all the people in the church.

Do you know the words to our family prayer?  Make the sign of the cross and pray it with your family.

You could say the Our Father each night this week before you go to sleep as your night-time prayer.


Have a great day and please keep in touch via email.


Stay safe,

Mr Barr X