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Tuesday 13th October

Good morning, everyone. 


I hope you're all safe and well and are being good for your grown ups.


Letters and Sounds

 Can you remember the Phase 3 sounds. Say the sound and then click the button to see if you were right.

Now have a try at choosing a picture and writing the missing words using the blends that are given. 


How did you get on writing about the picture from How to Catch a Star yesterday? 

Today we will be writing about a different picture from the story. What is the boy doing? What can you see in the picture. 


We are continuing to make the number six today. Can you remember any of the number bonds to six from yesterday? Can you remember how to find all of the ways? Watch this Jack Hartmann video about number bonds to six.

Today, we are going to find our number bonds to six in the same way we did yesterday, using our six objects and two plates. This time, can you complete the bar models to show the number bonds? The bar model is similar to the part-part whole model. The whole is at the top and the two parts are underneath. 

You can use your objects in the bar model, just like we did for the part-part whole models. Here is one for you to look at.


In Geography, we have been learning to draw a plan. Did you manage to make a plan of your garden in the pack that we sent home? Today, draw a plan of your bedroom. Make sure to hold the plan the correct way up and include your furniture, doors and windows if you can. I hope your bedroom is tidy!


Come and See

 We are starting a new topic called Belonging in Come and See. 


Belonging to different groups


  • Children may talk about their experience and feelings about belonging to different groups.
  • Children may say what they wonder about belonging and what that means.
  • Children may be able to ask and answer questions about their own and others experiences of belonging to different groups.


Talk about the different groups that your child may belong to e.g. swimming, Rainbows, Beavers, dancing, football, choir etc. and what they do together in these groups.  Discuss how they feel in the group and who helps them to feel that they belong.  Talk about how someone would know that they belonged to that group – do they wear a uniform, have a badge etc. Ask them how they could make someone new to the group feel that they belong. 


Thank you all so much for your emails. We really have enjoyed reading them and looking at the fabulous work that you have been doing at home. Some of you have even sent us videos which have been an extra treat!

Have a lovely day, everyone. See if you can be extra helpful to your grown up today. You could tidy your room or ask if you can help to clean the house or cook the dinner. 

Take care and stay safe.


Love from


Year One x