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Thursday 5th November

Good morning everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your week so far. I'm sure Thursday will be just as fun. Thank you for sending your work, it has been lovely to see.



How did you get on with your sentences yesterday? I hope you enjoyed thinking of descriptive ideas about the picture.


Today we are going to think about the use of rhyme in the story ‘Room on the Broom’. What is a rhyming word? Rhyming words are similar sounding where their endings sound alike. Have a look at the PowerPoint below. Can you try and find the matching rhyming words to each of the pictures.

Complete the worksheet by matching the rhyming words at the bottom of the page to each of the pictures. As a challenge, can you think of any other words that rhyme?


Today we are going to be looking at the part-part whole model and finding the missing parts. You can draw your own part-part whole model and use objects such as pieces of pasta or pennies to help you with todays work. Have a look at the part-part whole model below.

The whole is 9 and one of the parts is 5. What would we have in the other part? Can you show this on your part-part whole model? Place nine counters on the whole at the top and move 5 onto the first part. How many do we have left?


Can you complete the sentence: 5 is a part, ___ is a part, 9 is the whole


There are some more examples underneath. Try and complete the part-part whole models using the using your equipment to help. As a challenge can you complete the sentence to go with the model: ___ is a part, ___ is a part, ___ is the whole.

Can you think of your own number sentences and part-part whole models with different numbers?



In PE lessons we have been practicing our throwing and catching skills. If it is not raining you could go outside and use a ball but if you are inside, you could use some rolled up socks so that you don't break anything.  Whichever way you choose to work, please be careful!  Make sure you find a safe space to work in, just like we would in school.

Try these throwing and catching skills and remember to keep your feet slightly apart and your knees bent a little.  Repeat each job at least five times.

  • Throw your ball (or socks) into the air using an underarm throw and then catch it in both hands.  Make sure you keep your eyes on your ball.
  • Throw your ball into the air using an underarm throw but this time clap your hands before you catch.  Can you manage two claps?
  • Find an empty box or other container.  Stand about six steps away and then try to throw your ball into the container.  Keep going until you score 5 without missing!
  • Have a throwing competition with your adult or anyone else in your house.  See who can reach the highest score.  If you are good at hitting the target, move a little further away and try again.
  • Finally, stand facing your partner and try to throw and catch between you to reach 10 catches.  If your ball lands on the floor, you have to start counting again!


Letters and Sounds

As it is bonfire night today why don’t you have a go at using our rhyming work from our English lesson to try and create a firework poem. Have a look at the example below to help you. Think about the sounds, colours and smells that remind you of bonfire night.


Keep up the hard work and don’t forget to email any work you have completed to show off your fantastic activities and any other lovely things you are doing from home.

From Mr Nolan