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Thursday 22nd October

Good morning!  Thank you for your emails, please keep them coming.  We are nearly at half term and, after your hard work, a deserved week off.  Today is PE day so look out for some exercise later in this message.



Today we will have another go at those tricky words.  Watch and sing along with the video.

Once you have sung the song a couple of times, ask your adult to read out these words for you to spell.


said, have, like, come, some, what, when

Can you make up a sentence for each of the words?  Here is an example: like to sing.

Once you have written your sentences, send a photograph of your work via email.


Did you enjoy watching the film version of 'Room on the Broom' yesterday?  I think it is very clever how they add some small extra parts to the story that you don't see in the book.  I like where they show you the dragon's journey to finding the witch.  Which is your favourite part?

Listen to the story again then ask your adult to read these sentences out loud for you to write down:

  • A man had a big hat.
  • The dog is full of mud from the grass.
  • My cat sat on the mat in the back room.

This was another different person reading the story.  Did you read along with her?



Today we are moving onto the pairs of numbers that add together to make 10.  Jack Hartmann has songs for most number facts.  Here is one for 10 that you can join in with.

Learning these number facts is very important as you can use them to help solve maths problems for the rest of your life.  The task today is to make number pairs using the cards below.  If you can't print them out you could use a pack of playing cards or make your own cards on some pieces of paper.  Can you think why there are two number 5s?


It is time for PE.  Let's warm ourselves up with Jack Hartmann...

In our school PE lessons you have been learning to respond to different dances or you have been doing some throwing and catching.  Today we will do some throwing and catching.  If it is not raining you could go outside and use a ball but if you are inside, you could use some rolled up socks so that you don't break any ornaments.  Whichever way you choose to work, please be careful!  Make sure you find a safe space to work in, just like we would in school.

Try these throwing and catching skills and remember to keep your feet slightly apart and your knees bent a little.  Repeat each job at least five times.

  • Throw your ball (or socks) into the air using an underarm throw and then catch it in both hands.  Make sure you keep your eyes on your ball.
  • Throw your ball into the air using an underarm throw but this time clap your hands before you catch.  Can you manage two claps?
  • Find an empty box or other container.  Stand about six steps away and then try to throw your ball into the container.  Keep going until you score 5 without missing!
  • Have a throwing competition with your adult or anyone else in your house.  See who can reach the highest score.  If you are good at hitting the target, move a little further away and try again.
  • Finally, stand facing your partner and try to throw and catch between you to reach 10 catches.  If your ball lands on the floor, you have to start counting again!


Have a fun day and your last day of home learning before the half term will be uploaded tomorrow.  Don't forget to send an email to say how you are getting on. :)


Take care.

Mr Barr X