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Thursday 15th October

Good morning!  I hope that you had a good day learning at home yesterday.  Thank you so much for the emails that you have sent to share the work that you have completed at home.  It is lovely to see how hard you are all working and what independent learners you are being.  Please keep in touch using the email address that your teacher has contacted you on.  


Today for our phonics lesson we will begin by having another look at those tricky words...

Can you remember what a digraph is?  That's right, it is when a sound has two letters that join together to make the phoneme.  Some even have three letters and are called trigraphs!  Have a watch of this video which reminds you of some of the Phase 3 digraphs.  Watch out for a sneaky trigraph that you should recognise.

The song used the phonemes ch, th, sh, ee, ng, ai and igh.  Ask your adult to read these words to you and you try to write them down.  Use your robot arms to help you to segment the words and then remember to blend them back together.  Good luck.  Don't forget, it's okay if you don't get them all right as long as you try hard.  Ask your adult to help you with any you get stuck on.  The sounds that are underlined are digraphs or trigraphs.


chip    thing   shop   deep   king    drain   light   church    push    path

keeper    strong    plain   fright


Are you enjoying 'How to Catch a Star'?  Oliver Jeffers is a favourite author of the Year One adults.  Here is a different version of the story.  Watch it and see if you can spot anything that is different compared to the other video you have watched of the story. 

Did you enjoy that?  It was clever how the story was animated wasn't it?  Talk with your adult about what was the same and what was different about the story.

What do you think the boy might do now that he has found a star?  What might he do with the star next?  Draw a picture of what you think he might do and try to write a sentence underneath it.  Don't forget a capital letter to start, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.

Send a picture of your work to your teacher via email.  


How did you get on with using bowls to find the different ways of making 7 yesterday?  We will have another try of finding the ways to make 7 again today but first, let's warm ourselves up by dancing and counting with Jack Hartmann.  Don't forget to count aloud.

Have a little sit down after all that moving!  Did you manage to do the counting backwards?  It is tricky when you get to 16, 15, 14, 13, 12...  Some children get mixed up and say 20 again.  Did you?


For the learning today you will need 7 small objects.  Buttons or counters will be great but you could use any objects (like the pasta from yesterday) to help you.  This job needs you to put your counters on a line (you can print out the sheet or draw a line on a piece of paper) and then move them one at a time to the other side of the + sign to make a new number sentence.  I always start with 0 + 7 = 7 and then go from there to make sure I don't miss a number fact out.  This is called a systematic approach.  I know that is a big word but you're getting big now and can learn these grown-up words.

Have a try of finding all eight ways to make the number 7 by adding two numbers together...

How did you do?  Why not send a photograph of your work to your class teacher?


Come and See 

You have been thinking about our 'Belonging' topic this week and today your job is to draw some of the different groups that you belong to in a shield.  Here is one that you can use, or you can draw your own.

If the weather is dry, why not spend a bit of time sitting very still in your garden, or you could look out of a window, to see how many different types of wildlife you can spot?  I looked out into my garden yesterday afternoon and spotted a squirrel, a blackbird, a robin and a woodpigeon.  You could use this chart to help you to identify the birds that you spot.

Enjoy your home learning and please stay in touch via email.  We do like to hear how you are doing.


Take care.


Love from Year One X