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Monday 19th October

Good morning!  I hope that you had a restful weekend and that you are ready for another week of home learning.  Thank you again for the emails that you have sent to show your work.  Please keep them coming as it is lovely to hear from you and see the brilliant work that you have been doing.


Come and See

Our 'Belonging' topic continues this week and we will now look specifically at the Sacrament of Baptism.  Please see the information from the Archdiocese for parents about the sacraments.


Baptism is an invitation to belong to God’s family



  • Children may be able to recognise and use some religious words and phrases to begin to describe some actions and symbols used in Baptism e.g. pouring water, lighting the Baptismal candle, anointing with oil etc.
  • Children may be able to recognise that Baptism is the beginning of life in the Church community.


If your child has been baptised, share memories of the day together and look at any photographs or videos you have of the day. Alternatively, read the story about Matthew’s Baptism below. Talk about who was present on the day, who the Godparents were and what the priest said and did.

Explain how the lit candle, stands for the presence of Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world,” so the candle is a symbol of this. With light we see things more clearly. In Baptism, a lit candle is given to one of the parents or Godparents as a sign of how they hope the child will always try to live Jesus’ way of love.


Matthew’s Baptism:


Philip’s mum, dad and little brother, Tom went to church with baby Matthew. It was baby Matthew’s Baptism. Auntie Sarah and Uncle Dave were going to be Matthew’s godparents. Godparents are people who promise to help parents to teach the baby all about Jesus and how to be his friend.  Father Devine welcomed them to church and asked them, “What name have you given your child?” Mum and dad answered, “Matthew.”


The family gathered round the baptismal font and watched Father Devine pick up a little shell and dip it into the water. Mum held Matthew over the font and Father Devine poured water over Matthew’s head saying, “Matthew, I baptise you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Auntie Sarah put a white shawl around Matthew and Father Devine said, “Receive this white garment.”


After church all the family gathered together for a party to celebrate Matthew’s baptism – his welcome into God’s family.


Today for your phonics lesson, please go to Phonics Play (free access to the whole site ends on Wednesday although some free games will remain) and access the Flashcards Speed Trials game.  Choose Phase 2 and 3 then see how many of the graphemes (written sounds) you can read.

Then have a play on the Dragon's Den game.  Select Phase 4 and Polysyllabic (more than one syllable) words.  Enjoy!


Today we start a new book for our English lessons and it is my favourite of all the ones that we work with, 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.  First, can you think of any other books that Julia Donaldson has written?  Have a chat with your adult about the titles you can remember.  You might have a copy of this book at home but here is a video of it being read for you to watch.

Can you recognise who is reading the story for you?  Your job today, after hearing the story, is to see if you can tell somebody what the story is about and see if you can remember what happens in order.  Good luck and enjoy retelling the story.


How did you get on with making 8 on Friday?  In school we try to use our counting skills in real life situations and one way that we do that is using money.  Can you find eight 1p coins in your house?  If you can't you can use something else that you can find to help you with the task.  Follow the instructions on the sheet and see if you can complete the task systematically.  If you don't have a printer, just draw two purses or find something else to put your coins into.

Last week I was sent a photograph of Jude making a calm jar.  I asked him for the instructions so that you could have a try yourselves.  It will hopefully help you to stay calm and relaxed.  You could give it a shake and then try your 'Five Star Breathing' from Friday.

How to Make Jude's Calm Jar

You will need:

  •  1 empty jar (or similar see-through container with a tight lid)
  • food colouring
  • glitter
  • water

How to make it:

  1. Pour water into your jar so it is half full.
  2. Add food colouring until you are happy with the colour.
  3. Tip in plenty of glitter.
  4. Pour more water in until the jar is full.
  5. Twist the lid back onto the jar until it is tight and check for any leaks over a sink.
  6. Shake your calm jar and watch the glitter swirl.

Thank you, Jude, for sharing your idea. :)


Did you have a try at drawing the squirrel with Rob on Friday?  I did.  Here is my attempt...




Have a brilliant Monday and don't forget to send emails to show what you are getting up to.

Mr Barr X