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Friday 23rd October

Good morning!  Here we are on the final day of the half-term.  After you finish your work today you can have a whole week of relaxing and playing as a reward for all of the hard work you have done.  Of course if you still wanted to do a bit of counting and reading then that would be brilliant.  Today we will use the Oxford Owls website and that will still be active during your week off if you wanted to do some reading.


Today, have another look at the Phase 4 sound mat.  

Ask your adult to read out these words for you to write down or use magnetic/foam letters to spell.  

  • brick (remember the rule that it is ck because it comes after a vowel)
  • flip
  • glad
  • play
  • clip clop (which animal might make this sound as it walks?)
  • grip
  • train
  • drum
  • crib
  • frond (can you find out what this word means?)

Choose 3 of these words and put them into a sentence.  Here is my sentence: I can see a long train on the tracks.



Every Friday in school is everyone reading together.  Today this can be your English lesson job.  If you have your reading book at home, please read that.  If you don't have your book at home, the Oxford Owls website has a huge amount of books for free.  Ask your adult to have a browse of the website as it contains a lot of really useful information.  It has the Book Bands that we use in school as a search option or you can search using our phonics scheme, Letters and Sounds.  On the back of the school reading books is a tab which shows the band that you are currently reading within.  You can use this website at any time, not just for your Friday lesson, to keep practising your reading.  Enjoy!


How did you get on making 10 yesterday?  Did you use the ten frames on the sheet or did you use some playing cards?  Today we are thinking about making ten again.  Here is a count-along video from Jack Hartmann.

How did you get on with that?  It is a bit trickier as it isn't in a systematic order.  Watch it a few times and you will soon be able to say the pairs before Jack can.  Today is another job for the witch from our story.  She is mixing potions.  Can you cut out and use the bottles to match the pairs of numbers that make 10?  If you have not got a printer, then use some playing cards again to help you with this job.


Come and See

I had some lovely emails which told me about how you had looked at your Baptism photographs as part of our topic.  Have you looked at your Baptism photographs yet?

Have a look at this picture of a Baptism.  Can you recognise and label all the people and symbols you can see?

Friday is also Golden Time!  You can have a bit of free time to play with your toys, build with some construction, read for pleasure or watch a film (maybe you could watch 'Room on the Broom').  It is time to unwind for the weekend.


Thank you all again for your hard work whilst at home.  It has been lovely to see the things that you have been doing in your emails but it will be even better to see you all in person on Monday 2nd November when you return to school.  Have a brilliant half term and stay safe.


Mr Barr X