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Friday 16th October

 Good morning and Happy Friday!  What a busy week you have all had working at home!  Thank you for all of the emails that you have sent to show how busy you have been at home.  Please keep them coming as we really enjoy reading them.  If you are in Class 6 today is your last day of working from home.  Class 6 can return to school on Monday 19th.  If you are in Class 7, you have another week of working from home before your half term break.  Class 7 return to school on Monday 2nd November.  It does seem like a long time but it is really important that you stay at home to help to keep you safe.


How did you get on yesterday with spelling those words?  Today we will revisit the phonemes from phases 2, 3 and 4.  Have a look at the sound mats below to remind you...

What a lot of sounds you have learned so far!  Your job today is to go on a treasure hunt (with your adult's permission).  Choose 10 sounds from across the phases and then see if you can find an object that has that sound in.  Make sure you find things that are not easy to break.  I had a go and I found...

  • glue stick
  • pen
  • plant
  • frog (a cuddly one, not a real one!)
  • banana
  • chocolate (which didn't last long, yum!)
  • shoe
  • sock
  • box
  • dog (to be honest, she found me as I was running around the house)

How many objects can you find?  Take care when running around the house.


How did you get on with the job yesterday?  Did you think of a good idea for the boy and the star?  Today is our last day of 'How to Catch a Star' before we start a new book next week.  Enjoy one last watch of the story.  Can you join in with the text?

One child made up a brilliant dance to help to tell the story and sent a video of it to their teacher.  Can you think of a dance that helps to tell the story?

Every Friday in school is everyone reading together.  Today this can be your English lesson job.  If you have your reading book at home, please read that.  If you don't have your book at home, the Oxford Owls website has a huge amount of books for free.  Ask your adult to have a browse of the website as it contains a lot of really useful information.  It has the Book Bands that we use in school as a search option or you can search using our phonics scheme, Letters and Sounds.  On the back of the school reading books is a tab which shows the band that you are currently reading within.  You can use this website at any time, not just for your Friday lesson, to keep practising your reading.  Enjoy!


How did your finding 7 go yesterday?  Did you use a systematic approach?  I was able to find...

0 + 7 = 7

1 + 6 = 7

2 + 5 = 7

3 + 4 = 7

4 + 3 = 7

5 + 2 = 7

6 + 1 = 7

7 + 0 = 7

Can you see the pattern that it makes when you record them like I have?  It definitely is easier to check you have found all of the ways when you write them down in order. 

Do you remember your bowls and pasta from Wednesday?  You can use those (or any other small object) again today but instead of exploring ways to find 7 today we are going to find ways to make 8.  

Write down what ways you find.  Can you use a systematic approach?


Note for adults...

Whilst we are working on our numbers, please see below the school's number formation approach.  Please encourage your child to start all of their numbers at the top.  The rhymes should help with formation.  Thank you.


Yesterday one of your jobs was to look for wildlife in your garden.  Did you find anything?  I managed to watch the squirrel for quite a while as it scampered around my garden.  Rob from Kids Art Hub has a lesson for how to draw a squirrel.  The video is below so that you can have a try at drawing your own squirrel.  Have fun and don't forget to send a photograph of what you draw to us via email.

Remember that the most important thing when you are drawing is to have fun.  Enjoy it.


Friday is also Golden Time!  You can have a bit of free time to play with your toys, build with some construction, read for pleasure or watch a film.  It is time to unwind for the weekend.


Some of you might be finding being at home tricky.  In school we use different breathing techniques to help us to relax.  Have a try of this activity to help you to stay calm.  If you want, instead of using the star you can trace around your hand with your finger to take the same amount of steps as the star.

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone.  We are looking forward to seeing Class 6 back in school on Monday morning.  Class 7 your learning will be here again for the week.  There is a new story to look forward to in English.


Take care and stay safe.


Love from Year One X