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We are involved in Relationship, Sex and Education (RSE) precisely because of our Christian beliefs about God and about the human person. The belief in the unique dignity of the human person made in the image and likeness of God underpins the approach to all education in a Catholic school. Our approach to RSE therefore is rooted in the Catholic Church’s teaching of the human person and presented in a positive framework of Christian ideals.

At the heart of the Christian life is the Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit in communion, united in loving relationship and embracing all people and all creation. As a consequence of the Christian belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God, gender and sexuality are seen as God’s gift, reflect God’s beauty, and share in the divine creativity. RSE, therefore, will be placed firmly within the context of relationship as it is there that sexuality grows and develops.

Following the guidance of the Bishops of England and Wales and as advocated by the DFE (and the Welsh Assembly Government) RSE will be firmly embedded in the PSHE/RSHE framework as it is concerned with nurturing human wholeness and integral to the physical, spiritual, emotional, moral, social and intellectual development of pupils. It is centered on Christ’s vision of being human as good news and will be positive and prudent, showing the potential for development, while enabling the dangers and risks involved to be understood and appreciated.

All Relationship, Sex and Health Education RSHE will be in accordance with the Church’s moral teaching. It will emphasise the central importance of marriage and the family whilst acknowledging that all pupils have a fundamental right to have their life respected whatever household they come from. It will also prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.


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RSHE letter for parents


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RSE DFE Guidance for Parents

RSHE Policy 2020





‘We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution.

Each of us is the result of a thought of God.’

Benedict XVI

‘I have come that they might have life and have it to the fullness.’

John 10:10

Education is about growth and development of the whole human person. It should aim to integrate a pupil’s

  • Intellectual
  • Moral
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • and physical development

And so lead to full Christian maturity, human wholeness and flourishing.

We, as a school community, have a key role in supporting parents in their primary responsibility in enabling their children to grow in understanding of human relationships and to educate and inform them in all matters of personal growth and development.

We acknowledge that underpinning all personal, social, health, moral and citizenship education is the central belief in the dignity of each one of us as created and loved by God, and the importance of relationships.  RSE encompasses all these aspects of development.

We aim to provide an environment where pupils are informed about relationships in the context of the Catholic faith.

The aims of RSE

  • To encourage pupils’ growth in self-respect, acknowledging we are all created in the likeness of God.
  • To help pupils develop an understanding that love is the central basis of relationships.
  • To help pupils to understand the nature of relationships and to encourage them to reflect on their own relationships and respect differences between people.
  • To develop pupils’ confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings, emotions and relationships.
  • To help pupils acquire the skills necessary to develop and sustain relationships.
  • To ensure that pupils protect themselves and know how to ask for help and support when needed.
  • To ensure that pupils are prepared for puberty.
  • To help pupils develop healthy and safe lifestyles.
  • To prepare pupils to play an active role as citizens and to understand the Catholic vision of what it means to be citizens of the Kingdom of God.


All staff recognise that they have an obligation in their various roles to contribute to RSE.

RSE requires sensitive teaching with pupil activities, discussions and support materials being well matched to the age and level of understanding, needs and concerns of the pupils.

The Delivery of RSE

Following advice from the Archdiocese our chosen programme for the delivery for RSE is, ‘A Journey in Love,’ from nursery to Year 2

A Journey in Love

‘Love starts to enter our life the moment of birth when we are held tenderly in the arms of our mother and developed through the first intimate relationship of childhood with our parents, family members, friends and teachers. At puberty, the secondary sexual characteristics arise. Now we begin to seek someone from outside our family and, armed with our first relationship, we explore our second intimate relationship of love, usually ending in marriage.

‘Parents and teachers are privileged to assist children every moment of their lives to further this link of love with their humanity and thus with God. The programme outlined in a ‘Journey in Love,’ is a brilliant reconciliation between the human and divine aspects of love and is truly fully Christian in it vision.’ (pg.4, A Journey in Love.)


Nursery- Wonder at God’s Love

 Children begin to know and understand that they are part of the wonder of God’s love and creation.

Reception- God loves each of us in our uniqueness.

Children know and understand that God has made them unique and that although we are all different we are special to him.

Year 1- We meet God’s love in our family.

Children know and understand that they are growing and developing members of their own family and God’s family.

Year 2- We meet God’s love in the community. Children know and understand that they are growing and developing in a God-given community.

RSE is co-ordinated by the RE Co-ordinator.  The Headteacher  is responsible for overseeing both curriculum implementation and other elements of school life contributing to RSE. This will include monitoring and evaluating RSE policy and practice.

Class Teachers have a key responsibility in the delivery of RSE. In all areas of the curriculum it is possible for issues concerning relationships and personal growth to arise and it is inevitable that the teaching of an apparently unrelated topic will occasionally lead to a discussion of aspects of sexual behaviour. As a Catholic school it is imperative that our teaching in this area reflects the doctrine and teaching of the Church, and it is expected that all teachers will treat the issues with the greatest sensitivity while supporting the Catholic principles of the school.

Parental consultation

We will inform parents/carers when aspects of RSE are taught and provide opportunities for them to discuss with the class teachers, RE Coordinator or Headteacher, any concerns that may arise.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from those aspects of sex and relationship education, not included in the National Curriculum Science Orders and alternative work will be set.

However this rarely happens, by working in partnership with parents they recognise the importance of this aspect of their child’s education.


Child Protection / Confidentiality

Teachers need to be aware that effective RSE, brings an understanding of what is and is not acceptable in a relationship and this may lead to disclosure of a child protection issue.

  • The staff member will inform the Head Teacher /Designated Child Protection person in line with the LEA procedures for child protection.
  • A member of staff cannot promise confidentiality if concerns exist.


Monitoring and Evaluation


The governing body will review this policy annually and any amendments, which may be deemed to be necessary, will be made accordingly.